Three Ways to Invest With

Qualified investors can participate in opportunities with on several levels depending on your objectives.


1. Lend. If you prefer steady income, we can set you up as a private lender.  Your loan will be collateralized and deeply secured because we try to buy notes at $.45 to $.65 on the dollar.

2. Joint Venture. If you prefer growth and income, we can set you up as a joint venture partner.  Here, you have the opportunity to receive a steady income with potential upside. However, unlike a loan, you are an equity participant.

3. Buy Discounted Properties Direct. Sometimes our exit strategy on a project is to foreclose on the note and take a property back.  We may offer these properties at prices substantially below market value because our cost basis is so low and we may prefer not to inventory the property.

Want to Learn More?

We’re excited to start sharing more about our programs and investment opportunities with you! There is just one more little thing we have to take care of before we move forward…

…Here’s the deal:

The Securities and Exchange Commission was established by our government to protect investors and we’re required to follow certain guidelines before accepting a penny from anyone. One of the guidelines is to determine if you are financially strong enough to invest in private offerings. So we have to ask some kinda private stuff before we can go any further.

Not only is this for your protection, but it’s required by law. So, if anyone ever asks you for money to invest, you should make sure they’re doing the same thing.

  • This should take under five minutes.

  • We won’t be asking for sensitive bank or social security information.

  • There is No Obligation.

  • You won’t be hounded by phone calls.

  • Your information is secure and will never be sold or shared.

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You will be directed to a secure part of our site where all of your information is encrypted during transmission and held privately. Your private information will not be shared with anyone.