Earn High Secure Yields. Passive, Secured and Hassle-Free Income Through Mortgage Notes and Trust Deeds

Private Real Estate Lending

Lend money to real estate and real estate note investors and earn secure yields backed by real estate. Avoid the hassles and headaches of ownership. Grow tax-free income using your IRA.

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Trust Deed Investing

Get started today buying real estate trust deeds, mortgages and notes. Build a real estate empire or simply earn secure yields backed by real estate. Great for IRAs or retirement income.

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Joint Venture Partnering

Supercharge your returns by teaming up with an experienced investor through a joint venture.

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Discover a Proven Way to Earn Hassle-Free Passive Income

Hassle-free investing is all about generating passive income that’s relatively safe, secure and well, hassle free.

Most people think of passive income as income from rental property or even investments in the market such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and ETFs.  Although these forms of investing can provide passive income,  they are by no means, hassle-free.  Read on to learn how to take away the headaches, frustration and suffering from trying to grow your income safely and securely.*


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