About Us

SecureYields.com began in 1995 as a private investment firm with expertise in mergers & acquisitions, merchant banking, investment banking, trading, distressed real estate, workouts and turnarounds.  Since 1995 – Ken W. Kurtz – SecureYields.com founder and President has acted as principal or adviser in over 100 financial transactions. We’ve acquired public companies, distressed real estate, non-performing notes, divested assets, restructured capital, settled debt, provided bridge funding, mezzanine financing and transactional advice. We’ve funded over a dozen start-ups and created millions of shareholder value in over 25 public company mergers.  We’ve traded stocks, options and futures. We’ve owned oil wells, interests in partnerships and well, we’ve kinda tried it all.

From nearly 30 years of experience investing and deal making, I believe that perhaps the simplest and most hassle free way to invest is to earn passive income through private real estate lending, trust deed investing, and joint venture partnering.  This is only my opinion, and I’m not here to provide investment advice, tax advice or sell you a security. So please, do your own homework.

Before you lend money or invest in anything, you should seek counsel from a licensed attorney and CPA.

Using our experience, skill and passion, I want to help others achieve their financial goals without them suffering through the tumultuous stock market, the land mines and cycles of real estate investing and without giving away their hard-earned money in fees to asset-gathering advisers.

If you’d like to discuss anything you see on this website further, call us today at (623) 237-9211.