“I have known and done business with Ken Kurtz for almost 20 years.  He and I have partnered on a number of investments and mergers.  Ken is responsive and a great orchestrator.  In the transactions in which we were involved, he successfully directed a myriad of legal, accounting, financial, marketing and administrative duties with grace.  He gets the job done, efficiently, on time and under budget.  Whenever there were obstacles, he had a creative resolution.  For a non-attorney, I respect his keen grasp for complex legal matters and his skilled wordsmithing. I highly recommend Ken Kurtz as a person with great intelligence, ability and integrity.” -John Lowy, President, Olympic Capital Group, Inc.

“I’m a veteran of the hospitality business. Despite 60-plus years in the financing, acquisition, rehab and management of some of Hawaii’s most iconic hotels, I have found great joy in the fresh perspectives provided by Ken Kurtz on our hotel acquisitions over the years. He’s both creative and analytical and highly intelligent. He can synthesize complex legal and financial matters with amazing speed. He does exceptional financial modeling, is creative and highly skilled with the pen. He also knows how to under-promise and over-deliver. He’s an ideal partner for any investor, funder or deal team.” – Andre S. Tatibouet, CEO & Principal, Hawaii Hotel Consultants, LLC.

“I first met Ken Kurtz regarding a potential business deal many years ago. His impeccable integrity and congenial disposition quickly fostered a great friendship. I’m happy to call Ken an excellent investment partner and a great friend. He’s been a financial resource and an amazing insightful coach. His deep and diverse experience in the public capital markets, real estate, mergers, business and life has molded him into one of the most fearless, insightful, sincere and genuine people I’ve known. He cares about profits but puts people and relationships, first. He’s curious, intelligent and very well read. Without reservation, if you’re considering him as an investment partner, then consider no more. He’s your guy!” – Dennis Blomquist, President Fulcrum Enterprises, LLC


“Ken has been a business associate, friend of mine and advisor for the past several years. His broad and deep knowledge of a range of financial matters is stunning. He’s started businesses, raised capital, taken companies public, turned around troubled real estate properties, you name it. It’s been a pleasure having the opportunity to experience his analytical qualities, his organizational mastery and his responsiveness while working together on several investments. As a friend and advisor, He’s been able to take complex concepts and distill them so they’re understandable. He’s also helped me grow as an entrepreneur and a person. I highly recommend Ken to anyone considering working with him in any capacity.” -Blake Jacks, CEO, President Ai  


“I have been Ken Kurtz’ CPA for over 25 years.  We have prepare personal and corporate tax returns for the last 25 years.  As his accounting firm, we’ve been able to witness his in-depth knowledge of legal, accounting, tax and finance matters.  Furthermore, his optimism, persistence, creativity and ambition has helped him work through challenging economic times and continue to identify unique investment opportunities.” -Vicki L. Dean, Managing Director, Vickie Dean and Associates, Inc.


“Unlike the dreamers, talkers and posers in this world, Ken Kurtz takes action and gets stuff done.   I’ve had the great pleasure of partnering with Ken on several commercial real estate investments.  He’s responsive, extremely detailed and does exactly what he says he will.  He bangs out financial models and documents quickly, does exhaustive due diligence with speed, and is a creative and resourceful negotiator.  I highly recommend him as a partner, client, investor and/or advisor.” -Thomas McPherson, Managing Director, Fenix Private Capital Group, LLC